Thursday, January 8, 2009

Missiles in Nahariya

Early this morning I turned on the computer to the news of missiles having recently fallen in Nahariya, the city where my older daughter has spent the past week volunteering. A quick call revealed that all was well in her immediate world. In fact, she only learned of the missile attack from the radio news -- no sirens had sounded, she had not heard any rockets land. My daughter was in the final hours of her winter break trip to Israel and a few minutes after we spoke she was on a train to Tel Aviv, the first leg of her return home.

And now I just learned that my trip to Israel, a trip designed to visit front line communities near Gaza is on, and we will be leaving on Sunday night, just hours before my second daughter gets on a plane to return home from her semester in Israel. I feel mixed emotions: pleased to be able to do something to support my family, friends and colleagues in Israel who live there and have no choice about being in harm's way, and concerned about whether or not I have lost perspective on risk assessment.

Our trip is being organized by the Masorti (Conservative) movement and is designed to focus on visiting people and institutions that are part of the movement or are being served by it. That may include giving gifts to soldiers, making hospital visits, and playing games with children who have been spending their days in bomb shelters. We await details.

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