Friday, February 20, 2009


The Gift of the Dream: A Transformative Conference

Sunday, March 15, 2009
8:25am - 5:00pm
Germantown Jewish Centre
400 West Ellet Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19119

For registration information:
Contact Elana Shaw, Program Director
215-844-1507 x19

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Join us as world class professionals and scholars present a variety of opinions and worldviews that promise to challenge and shape whole new ways of looking at dreaming.

The Gift of the Dream Conference is an exploration of the history, philosophies and science of dreams as they affect us spiritually, emotionally and physically. This event will center on Rodger Kamenetz’s most recent book, The History of Last Night’s Dream, in which he challenges Judaism and Jewish texts into communication with current trends in psychology and neuroscience. Modern psychiatric and psychological theories of the dream, as well as recent advances in brain science studies of dreams and what those findings could portend for the future will make the conference equally appropriate for individual seekers as well as those giving pastoral or psychological counseling.

Workshops include:
Introduction to Archetypal Dreamwork and Demonstrations with Marc Bregman and Christa Lancaster
Harnessing the Imagination with Carol Rose
The Dreams of Joseph’s Journey with Sarah Braun, M.D.
The Contemporary Theory of Dreaming with Ernest Hartmann, M.D.
Dreams in the Jewish Tradition a panel with Professors Joel Hecker, Chava Weissler and David Kraemer
A Journey Into Dreams with Jessica Dibb
Music with Rayzel Raphael

Co-sponsors include:
Inspiration Community of Baltimore; Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia; Minyan Sulam Yaakov @ the Gershman Y; North of Eden; Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia; Temple University Jewish Studies Department; P’nai Or; Reconstructionist Rabbinical College (RRC); Big Blue Marble Bookstore

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